Partnership project with distributors

You are finding it increasingly difficult to find differentiating wines that boost your product portfolio and sales. There are thousands of wineries in the market, all promoting their own wines as the best.

When selling the wines in your portfolio, you are often forced to offer aggressive discounts and  engage in price wars, only to end up selling your product with small margins and spending a great deal of time and effort on each client. What you would like, however, would be for your clients to buy your wines at their actual price, without having to be persuaded by discounts, because they see them as different and because they know they will sell.

However, often you need greater support and involvement from wineries. You would like them to be more familiar with the problems you face when selling your wines, to provide you with more ways to boost sales, to perform more marketing initiatives to generate demand for your wines in the market and to have a regular, accessible channel of communication to work with you as part of a team.

What you really need

What you need and are really searching for is a winery that, as well as producing wines of great quality from an internationally-recognised wine-producing region, becomes involved in your business and helps you:

1# Increase your sales

2# Increase your profit margins

3# Attract good clients, clients who are more interested in quality and differentiation than in price

4# Foster loyalty among your clients, creating value with each item that accompanies the wine you sell

If this is what you need, we at Bodegas Campos Góticos can help you.

How we can help you at Bodega Campos Góticos

At Bodega Campos Góticos, we involve ourselves with our distributors and with your business to help you:

1) Add a great wine to your portfolio: An environmentally-certified quality red wine with the Ribera del Duero designation of origin. Above all, however, this is a wine that sells well and which will set you apart from the competition.

2) More easily attract the attention of your clients, because what you are offering them is not just another Ribera del Duero. Most of your clients have few or no environmentally-friendly wines on their menu. This represents a market opportunity. In some countries where we sell our wines, environmentally-friendly wines already account for 50% of the market. Progress can only be made by moving forward. Do not miss this opportunity.  Convey this message to your clients.

3) Sell more and with a wider profit margin. Offering the same products as everyone else, with no attempt to communicate another message or to offer different products, sets you on a downward spiral of selling on the basis of price alone, reducing your profits and the profits of the winery. With the sales support we offer, you will be better able to reach your client with our wines.

4) Foster loyalty among your clients with wines that will win them over with their aroma, colour and flavour, as well as the care we take with all other aspects of our products: brand image, marketing initiatives, the bottle, label, packaging, customer service, etc.

5) We will be able to help you if we can interact with you: If you provide us with the details of your client, with your consent we can provide them with extensive information on the winery, the wines and reasons they should include Campos Góticos wines on their wine list. In short, we will be closer to your client and will be able to help you, keeping you informed of communications we send and to whom and giving your sales representatives something to say about the product.

6) We will provide prompt service so that we hold the products in storage, not you. We will reach an agreement with you on your first order. We will also agree on subsequent orders, which must be in keeping with your requirements so that you do not have problems with stock.

7) We will provide you with all necessary information on the winery and the wines, so that your sales representatives have something to say about the product and arguments with which to persuade your clients to buy it.

  How you can benefit from working with Bodega Campos Góticos

At Bodega Campos Góticos, we greatly value the efforts of our distributors and aim to optimise and make the most of the time and effort you dedicate to the distribution of our wines.

To this end, we have the WINe-WINe program. In this program, we have set out a series of collaborative steps and actions to implement with the distributor that result in better sales, more income and more profit for you.

We will put the WINe-WINe Program into effect the moment we finalise a distribution agreement with you:

1) A presentation on the winery and our wines with your sales team. We hold a sales demo, in which we work to address the most common reservations we face in the market.

2) We become part of your sales team to enable it to work on the client. We are aware that the most pressing concerns of your business are your clients and the product. However, there is another very important factor: the sales team. Here, too, we can help, working with your team to form a team that helps it in its role.

3) Monthly and quarterly meetings with you and your sales team via Skype or a similar method (to save time and reduce costs). At these meetings we follow up on sales, the distributor tells the meeting about any problems or doubts as regards the sale of the products and the winery provides ideas and cooperation in an effort to improve results.

4) Incentives for achieving objectives. Sales targets will be jointly set by the winery and the distributor each quarter. We like to acknowledge and reward the effort made by our distributors: it is fair and motivating for you and your whole sales team.

5) Marketing initiatives designed to increase your sales and generate demand for our wines. We formulate an annual marketing plan, which we review each quarter as a function of sales and targets met. We will keep you informed of all marketing initiatives implemented at monthly and quarterly meetings.

6) We have a direct line of communications with the winery, open Monday to Friday from 08.30h to 18.30h.

7) Collaboration in sales, with joint winery-distributor visits for wine presentations or to close orders from leading clients when requested by our distributors.

 What we look for in a distributor


At Bodega Campos Góticos, we only work with distributors with a particular profile.


We will only work with you if:


  • Your main activity is wine distribution
  • You are a distributor of quality wines with a median price or more than €5 to €20
  • You have proven experience in the distribution of quality wines
  • You do not see our wine as just another Ribera del Duero
  • You are prepared to work as part of a team, in an organised manner and with a strategy
  • You have your own sales team that can cover your whole distribution area
  • You have sufficient financial solvency to develop your business
  • You have a good curriculum vitae and portfolio of clients and suppliers
  • You are industrious, positive, unconventional and clear about what you want
  • Your commercial interests are the same as ours


Our wines are not for you if:


  • You believe that the best strategy to boost sales is to offer discounts and lower prices
  • To introduce a wine to your clients, you just give away bottles to taste
  • You place no value in the fact that a wine is environmentally friendly
  • You believe that the winery cannot help you in sales
  • You do not put forward arguments and strategies that make the product more desirable
  • You do not have time to hold follow-up meetings with the wineries and your sales representatives
  • You expect to achieve results doing what you have always done
  • You believe that it is the winery that has to sell the wine, and not your own sales network
  • You are looking to make fast money with no effort

Why work with Bodega Campos Góticos?

Bodega Campos Góticos is a pioneer, planting the first environmentally-friendly vineyard in Ribera del Duero in a bid to recover the most natural and authentic essence of this magnificent wine-growing region. Without chemical fertilisers or pesticides that detract from the most unique characteristics of wines, we create unique wines that are on a par with the best wines in the world.

Our environmentally-friendly Ribera del Duero wines are extraordinarily aromatics and have a natural, intense and balanced flavour that wins over anyone who tries them.

Bodega Campos Góticos was founded in 1998 with a concept of quality that Pedro Gallego, as an enologist, has developed with great patience, vision and passion over these years, both in his environmentally-friendly vineyards and in his wines, creating a way of doing things that has produced wines with great personality based on the vineyard, the terroir and the Tempranillo plant, and is also a good partner for your business:

1# Bodega Campos Góticos has vast experience in sales and can offer you commercial collaboration because it is very familiar with the sales channels for its wines, the real needs of your clients and their most common objections when placing wine orders. For that reason, it can also provide you with good arguments to win your clients over with our wines.

2# We are a dynamic and creative winery, and facilitate your sales of Campos Góticos wines with original marketing and promotion initiativesfocussed on generating demand for our wines and boosting their brand image.

3# We are a winery with personality and with differentiating wines that takes care of each individual detail to win over its clients, YOUR clients, and ensure that when they buy our wines from you, they wish to repeat the experience and become your most loyal customers.

4# Relevant individuals in the catering, restaurant and hotel sectors, wine bars and stores are recommended to Bodega Campos Góticos and its wines.

5# We are committed to a win-win relationship with our distributors, a long-term relationship in which both the distributor and the winery win, a relationship based on trust, transparency, loyalty and balance.

What to do if you want to be a Campos Góticos distributor


1) Send the distributor application form online

To become a distributor for Campos Góticos, you must send us a distributor application form through this page. Just click on the ‘I want to be a Campos Góticos distributor’ button and complete the brief form that will appear on the screen. In this form, we will ask you to provide the information necessary in order to start the negotiation process.


2) Selection of distributors

Once we receive your distributor application form, we will contact you.

If you are the type of distributor we are looking for and work in an area we do not cover, we will schedule an interview over the phone or Skype with you in which we can start negotiations to finalise a potential distribution agreement.

If your profile does not fit with the type of distributor we are looking for or operate in an area where we already have coverage, we will also inform you via e-mail.