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Live your life intensely


Bodega Campos Góticos is a pioneer, having planted the first environmentally-friendly vineyard in Ribera del Duero in order to recover the most authentic and natural essence of this blessed wine-growing region through our wines.

We create high-quality wines that embody the natural qualities of the Ribera del Duero designation of origin without the use of chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides that spoil the true unique characteristics of a good wine.

The very special wines we create are the product of our commitment to the authentic Ribera del Duero and our natural approach to cultivation and preparation in the cellar. There are intense wines yet with a great balance of sweetness, acidity, bitterness and astringency. As a result, they are easy and pleasant to drink.

Campos Góticos wines surprise and win over those who try them, and allow you to enjoy special moments intensely.


Live your life intensely

Our reserve and vintage wines

Another feature that sets Campos Góticos wines apart is their longevity, their ability to evolve over time, resulting in fantastic wines. As a result, if you try our vintage and reserve wines you will discover qualities that are hard to find in other wines.

7 Lunas Viñedos de la Joya

A signature wine aged for more than 16 months in French oak barrels in the quiet and silence of our cellar.
With an intense colour and a sweet, rounded tannin, it is a smooth wine with an aroma of red forest fruits. The wine will continue to evolve in the bottle over a number of years.

  • Quality of the harvest 100%
  • ABV at 20ºC 13,96%

Campos Góticos Reserva 2004

One of our leading labels, this wine, which is aged for more than 16 months in French oak barrels, is a clear demonstration of the goodness of this excellent vintage.
With an intense colour, rich in flavour and with an aroma of compote fruits, it is easy to drink and has a great after-taste.

  • Quality of the harvest 100%
  • ABV at 20ºC 14%

7 Lunas Vendimia Seleccionada 2005

Wine aged in French oak barrels for years in the quiet and silence of our cellar until it develops multiple shades of colour, aroma and taste.
A wine for ageing that is expected to do well in the next few years.

  • Quality of the harvest 80%
  • ABV at 20ºC 14,50%

Campos Góticos Crianza 2012

A full-bodied wine with an intense colour, opulent on the palate with and a sweet, rounded tannin makes it easy to drink. Its dried fruit aromas, spices and lactic notes leave a a long and pleasant after-taste in the mouth.

Its 16 months ageing in barrels give the Campos Góticos Vintage 2012 a character that will enable it to evolve in the bottle over time.

  • Quality of the harvest 75%
  • ABV at 20ºC 14%

Pecunia 2013 12 Meses

A fruit-flavoured wine in which the fruit becomes attached to the wood, giving the wine a fantastic flavour and a pleasant after-taste.

Its mature cherry colour with purple hues and fruity aroma remind us of wild fruits with a hint of the species of the oak of the barrels in which this wine has been aged for 12 months.

  • Quality of the harvest 90%
  • ABV at 20ºC 14,5%

Young Campos Góticos wines

Our young red Ribera del Duero wines are extraordinary. Upon tasting one of these wines, you will realise that it is a great wine despite its age. Of our excellent wines, I could not leave out an excellent white wine with Rueda designation of origin.

Campos Góticos Roble 12 Months

A young Ribera del Duero wine with a beautiful ruby colour and primary fruit aromas. It is aged in oak barrels for a number of months, where the fruit becomes attached to the wood, highlighting a sweet, round tannin.

As is the case with all Campos Góticos wines, this young red wine has been made with Tempranillo grapes grown in vineyards 900m above sea level, where we have produced grapes using organic means since 1998 in a manner that is respectful of the fauna, flora and environment.

  • Quality of the harvest 85%
  • ABV at 20ºC 14%

Verdejo Campos Góticos

A white wine from the Rueda designation of origin, made from 100% Verdejo grapes. Verdejo Campos Góticos is a wine with brilliant shades of straw and aromas of citrus, pineapple and apple, with an after-taste of bitter almonds and freshness in the mouth.

It is suitable as an aperitif or with fish, seafood, pasta, rice, white cheeses and pates. Recommended for consumption at about 8°C to better perceive their qualities and subtle sensations of the Verdejo grape.

  • Quality of the harvest 100%
  • ABV at 20ºC 13,5%

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